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We bring you the source of packaging design & manufacturing expertise to grow your business

Use +1,000 selected businesses and shop owners

9 priting store

Order prints online in small quantities

Order prints of small amount of packaging products, business cards, leaflets, posters.

  • - Self-calculation of prices directly by quantity
  • - Order & pay quickly
  • - Professional offset printing

designer contest

Create design package with +200 designers

For the same amount of money, instead of just one design unit, 9Print design projects always have 3 design units involved.

  • - Diverse design ideas
  • - Work directly with designers.
  • - Update project information continuously

9 bid

Request a bulk printing quote

Receive direct quotes from quality-approved print partners on 9Print for special products.

  • - Quotes from many partners
  • - Save time
  • - Quality assurance of printed products

9 designer

Hire monthly design at 9Print

Meet the needs of designing media products on a monthly basis with a fixed budget.

  • - Cost savings
  • - Design of sales advertising media publications.
  • - Work 1-1 with the designer.

For print partners

Provides printing services for our customers

9Print cung cấp giải pháp tổng thể cho khách hàng từ thiết kế tới in ấn trực tuyến. Cam kết chất lượng dịch vụ, bình ổn giá in, an toàn thanh toán, lợi ích & hiệu quả kinh doanh cho cả khách hàng và đối tác.

Partner benefits:
  • - Manufacturing orders from 9Print Printing Store.
  • - Quotation directly with customers, competing fairly with other printers. Quotation directly with customers, competing fairly with other printers.
  • - Clear control of liabilities and support design, color approval, consulting for customers on materials.
Responsibilities of partners:
  • - Ensuring the quality requirements and production schedule

To become a 9PRINT partner, you need to fill out the form and go through the process of approving the factory requirements, the production process to meet the requirements of 9PRINT

For designers

Join the designer community

9Print provides total solutions for customers from design to printing online. Commitment to quality of services, stabilize printing prices, secure payment, benefits & business efficiency for both customers and partners.

Benefits for designers:
  • - Participate in projects you receive remuneration. The winner will receive higher remuneration.
  • - Join the "9 Designer" program, you will get a stable income. Labor insurance is paid.
  • - When upgrading your membership by 1-5 stars, increase your income by each rank.
Responsibilities of partners:
  • - Ensuring quality requirements and design progress. All customer reviews are completely objective.

To become a 9PRINT partner, you need to fill out the form and go through the 9PRINT approval process.